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*Please note that my political views have evolved over time. Specifically, I have become anti-war and would not support regime change through military action as I did in the early 2000s. Rather than pretend I didn't make certain arguments years ago, I choose to leave them here in the spirit of transparency. I am dedicated to the pursuit of truth using reason and evidence, not wed to any particular ideology, and that means sometimes I change my mind about things.


publicly available Talks and Webinars

While I've spoken at a variety of conferences ranging from the RSA Security Conference to SXSW to various investor summits, not all content is available for public consumption. Below is a representative sample.  

STRIVE 2015: Left for Silicon Valley to Raise Unicorns

The Ayn Rand Institute and STRIVE Clubs co-presented the Fall Student Conference on "The Morality of Value Creation & Trade" in Atlanta, GA from Nov 6-8, 2015. This conference was made possible by the support of The Michael & Andrea Leven Foundation.

F50 2018: Blockchain All Star VCs

VC All-Stars At Bat for Team Blockchain Moderator: Carter Laren, Principal, Inara Ventures Dr. Sue Xu, Managing Partner, Amino Capital Xiaohan Zhu, Managing Partner, ZMT Capital Jalak Jobanputra, Founding Partner, Future\Perfect Ventures Marwan Forzley, CEO, Veem

Webinar 2018: How to create a great pitch (w/ Adeo Ressi)

Want to learn the foolproof method of conveying your idea in the shortest time possible from two serial entrepreneurs turned Silicon Valley startup investors? Join us on this webinar on "How To Create A Great Elevator Pitch".

ICBC 2016: Investing in Cannabis Startups

Ben Larson and Carter Laren from Gateway speak at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Vancouver, October 2016. Gateway is a full immersion business accelerator and seed investment program born out of Silicon Valley and located in the capital of cannabis advocacy and innovation. Visit us at


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